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Coleman Mental Health

Coleman Mental Health prides itself on the ability to provide this level of treatment with the utmost compassion and empathy. Though we are able to give you the resources and tools to do it, addiction recovery begins and ends with you. You determine your treatment, and you determine its success.

What We Offer

Any addiction recovery begins with the individual admitting that they have a problem they cannot control nor overcome on their own. Professional assistance is required. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that will stop at nothing short of destroying your life. Once you have admitted that you need help and have eliminated all traces of denial, you will be ready for treatment, recovery, and a life of sober happiness.

Your addiction treatment is even designed around you. For the most effective regimen possible, the addiction program is designed around your needs in order to ensure that you can beat your addiction. No two people are exactly the same, their addictions surely aren’t, and no two addiction treatments should be identical either.

Honesty is also necessary during group meetings, where clients are expected to share openly with others and listen intently. Being honest here is just as key to your recovery as it is during individual therapy sessions. The community that is cultivated will invigorate you, inspire you, and motivate you. There is nothing better than seeing you are not the only one struggling. The bonds that are fostered during group meetings may even last long after your time at a Coleman addiction rehab is finished.

In addition to group therapy, we utilize a variety of holistic methods to retrain your brain to seek pleasure in rewarding places. When the brain becomes addicted to something, it will become incapable of enacting pleasure from anything but your drug of choice. When you get off drugs, you will need to work to regain this sense of fulfillment through yoga, meditation, hiking, mindfulness, and other physical exercise. Getting active is extremely beneficial to treating your addiction, mental health, and working towards a life of happiness.

We will help you to find the right path again