About Us

Coleman Mental Health

C oleman Mental Health is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone get the treatment they need for an addiction with the utmost care, respect, and compassion. The treatment process at our addiction treatment centers is structured and effective, but is completely informed by your personal needs and situation. Your interests and goal to get sober is all that matters here. We will simply help you get there.

1Supervised Detoxification
First, you will be admitted to our drug detox clinic for supervised withdrawal. While your body goes through the process of ridding itself of the chemical toxins that are keeping you physically dependent, you will likely go through some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. To ensure that you will be completely safe and secure during the process, you will need our addiction professionals to monitor you and your condition. With the proper guidance and support, you can overcome your condition and move forward towards a life of fulfillment.
2Individual Therapy
Once you have gotten through the process of detox, you will be able to start the long-term process of therapy and counseling. The first step is to meet with your personal counselor to create the customized and comprehensive treatment plan that will inform the whole of your treatment. As your therapist asks you questions, you will be filling in the gaps of your treatment. One of the things the counselor will screen you for is dual diagnosis co-occurring mental health disorders. Nearly half of all people that struggle with an addiction are also carrying around a mental health issue that needs to be addressed before we can properly treat your addiction. Once you have the root causes of your problem mapped out, you can begin working on overcoming it in therapy.
3Group Therapy
Group therapy is also another extremely beneficial method of addiction treatment. In group sessions, you will have the chance to vent your challenges to others going through similar problems, hear their stories, and exchange invaluable advice that will continue to help you long after you have left our substance abuse facility.
4Aftercare Services
After you have spent your time at our drug rehab clinic working on your progress, you will need an altered addiction recovery program to ensure that you can stay sober in daily life. Your comprehensive plan will be at its finest when you go to leave and continue the regimen on your own. It is absolutely key to continue treatment in therapy, group meetings, and perhaps a sober living home if you still feel intense cravings.

We will help you to find the right path again