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How Our Rehab Clinic in Arizona Can Help

Drug addiction is a mental illness that changes how the brain reacts in major ways, causing the person to place a higher priority on drugs in lieu of other more crucial needs and wants. Users turn to compulsive behaviors that lessen their ability to make good choices and control their impulses, even though they know they will face negative consequences because of them. We offer clients the chance to overcome their challenges at our addiction recovery program in Tucson, Arizona by implementing dual diagnosis mental health treatment, supervised detox, therapy, and aftercare. At Coleman Mental Health, we’re ready to provide you with the tools you need for recovery success!

Trust Our Addiction Treatment Center to Help

Our drug detox clinic is more than just a rehab center. We offer clients the chance to get away from the triggers and issues that they are facing that may be causing them to use drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Our addiction recovery center is a safe space that allows clients to relax and deal with their problems without fear of outside interference. We care about our patients and what they are going through, and we are dedicated to providing quality help and care. We provide many options and personalized plans that will allow our patients to flourish.

Our Therapy Goals

We wholeheartedly believe that different forms of therapy will help our clients understand and face their addictions better. Our addiction treatment facility offers a number of therapy solutions, including one-on-one sessions with a qualified therapist and daily group counseling. While we understand that it can be hard for many of our clients to open up to others, especially strangers, we have found that clients end up reaching out to one another in the long run. We encourage honest and straightforward communication, and will always provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to do so.

Family therapy is another area that can push a client to succeed in their sobriety. It gives both the client and family a chance to air their grievances and talk candidly with one another within a safe setting. Your doctor will help you decide when family therapy is best for you, as many clients feel that they need their space in the beginning and would rather keep family contact limited.

Dual Diagnosis within Our Addiction Recovery Facility

Roughly half of our clients come to our drug rehab centers with a co-occurring mental health issue that may contribute to their drug use. For example, someone who is suffering from clinical depression may find that certain illegal drugs help to dull the pain they are feeling, or they might become addicted to prescription medications prescribed by their doctor. Some clients are dealing with issues stemming from childhood, while others have recently developed disorders because of events that occurred later in life. Whatever the case, our qualified therapists will help each and every client discover the underlying causes of their addictions while they are guests of our drug rehab centers, so that we can address them properly and move forward with their lives.

Open and Honest Help

We are dedicated at our substance abuse facility to provide an open area for clients to deal with their drug use. Our intake process will allow each client to speak to a qualified therapist about what they need and how to go about getting it. We will ask questions such as what type of drugs the client was using, for how long, the intensity of the addiction, if there is a family history of addiction and more. This allows our drug rehab facility staff to better understand the steps necessary to help each and every client complete their stay with us successfully.

We also provide quality aftercare services at our addiction recovery treatment center that help clients ease back into everyday living. We can provide therapy and classes that are essential for continued sobriety, especially with clients who face major triggers on a daily basis. With our help, our clients have moved towards success at a greater rate than if they would attempt to stop using on their own. Contact Coleman Mental Health, our substance abuse treatment facility in Tucson, Arizona, if you have questions or concerns, and one of our addiction technicians will be glad to provide you with the answers for which you’re looking.