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Regardless of how long you or a loved one has suffered from an addiction, Coleman Mental Health is here to help. Our Hollywood, Florida drug rehab center offers a warm and caring environment with a friendly and professional staff. It is truly never too late to ask for help. By reaching out for help from a professional substance abuse treatment facility, you can receive the support you need to begin the path to lasting recovery. Even if you have attempted to overcome an addiction in the past without success, it is possible to finally break free from the effects of addiction.

If you have not sought help from a drug rehab facility in the past, it’s important to know what to expect. At our addiction recovery center in Hollywood, Florida, we provide a completely customized treatment approach. We understand that everyone has different needs and we strive to develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs. The first step upon entering an addiction recovery program is to go through what is known as intake or assessment. During this step, you will need to provide information regarding your addiction and the severity of your addiction. It is important that you be as upfront and honest about this information as possible. Your initial treatment plan will be based on the information provided during assessment, although the staff at our addiction recovery center may update your treatment plan on an as-needed basis.

Due to the fact that attempting to detox on your own can be challenging, we also offer a professional drug detox clinic. Detoxification takes place after your assessment has been completed. Our professional staff is available to provide around-the-clock supervision during detox to ensure your safety and comfort.

Once you have completed detox, the next step in an addiction recovery facility is to start on the first phase of your treatment plan. Each individual client’s treatment plan may be different based on his or her needs. Many clients are able to benefit from individual as well as group counseling sessions. During these counseling sessions, you will become educated about addiction, the effects of addiction on your body, and how addiction can affect those you care about. Additionally, you will explore the roots of your addiction. Developing an understanding of what causes your addiction can help you to gain insight into possible triggers that might lead to relapse once you have left the addiction treatment center.

During your time in an addiction treatment facility, you will also have the opportunity to interact with other clients who may have experienced some of the same struggles. The ability to share your experiences in a warm and supportive environment can be a critical element in your journey toward recovery.

At our Hollywood, Florida addiction recovery program, we also believe it is important to provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment to applicable clients. The reasons for this is that roughly half of clients not only suffer from addiction but also possibly other disorders, including depression. Treating one without treating the other can leave you vulnerable for relapse. For this reason, we work to diagnose any and all possible mental health disorders to provide you with the best chance for a lasting recovery.

The community within an addiction rehab program can be an important element in your overall treatment. In fact, you may find that you keep in touch with other clients you met during treatment even after you leave the facility. Along with individual and group counseling, you may also attend family counseling to assist in repairing possible issues that may have developed as a result of your addiction.

It should be understood that even after you leave the facility, you will not be on your own. An important part of maintaining your recovery is ensuring you have a strong support network in place. For this reason, our centers offer a variety of aftercare services to provide the support you need to continue your addiction recovery.

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