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There are many different types of drug rehab centers. Selecting the drug rehab center that is best for you is an individualized process. You need to find the one that feels right for you. When you find the substance abuse treatment facility that is ideal for you, the results can be amazing. Come take a look at Coleman Mental Health, our addiction treatment facility in Louisville, Kentucky, to see how incredible a drug rehab facility can be. Our staff and facilities are terrific. Here is a look at what you will find at our Louisville addiction treatment center.

Individualized Drug Addiction Treatment

If you want to beat addiction in the most efficient way possible, you need an individualized treatment plan. At our addiction recovery center in Louisville, Kentucky, each of our client receives a customized addiction recovery program that helps guide them toward a lifetime of sobriety in the most effective manner possible. We constantly monitor your addiction recovery program while you are with us to ensure it is working well for you, and if at any point it seems as though an alteration to your customized addiction recovery treatment schedule is necessary in order to reach your recovery goals, we will be happy to oblige.

Supervised Detox

Many of our clients come to us in rough shape. This is no surprise, as going through withdrawal is a pretty miserable experience. There is no sense going through withdrawal without assistance. Inside our Louisville, Kentucky drug detox clinic, our clients go through managed detox to keep them safe and comfortable during the experience. Start your rehab the right way with a safe, welcoming space where you can get clean.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Drug Addiction

One of the central features of modern drug rehab centers is a dual diagnosis approach to addiction recovery. Drug addiction is accompanied by a co-occurring mental health issues about half the time, which is why we evaluate the mental health of our clients when they arrive. At our addiction treatment facility in Louisville, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment that ensures our clients with co-occurring disorders have the best chance of getting clean and staying that way.

Group Therapy Excellence

One of the most important parts of successful treatment is providing great group therapy. Inside our Louisville addiction recovery center, you will discover that our group sessions are the backbone of our rehab. Our group leaders are experts at keeping the groups focused and effective. You can always count on learning plenty in the group therapy sessions you have in our facility. Plan on learning things about yourself your never knew, and also count on finding strength inside yourself you never thought possible.

Safety and Security You Can Count On

Inside our addiction recovery facility in Louisville, Kentucky, providing our clients with a safe rehab experience is our foremost concern. We want you always to enjoy total security when you are inside our rehab facility. We are always ready to address any concerns you have to ensure you feel totally safe during your stay with us. Our staff is always ready to modify arrangements make modifications that ensure sure every one of our clients feels completely safe in our space.

We Provide the Total Rehab Package

When you come to our Louisville, Kentucky addiction treatment center, you can count on having access to every tool you need to get sober. Our addiction treatment experts are here to provide you with managed detox, mental health treatment, and a safe, warm atmosphere. Even after you leave our facility, you can still count on us to help you on your road to addiction recovery. Our extraordinary aftercare program provides you with all the help you need to stay sober as you make the transition back to your everyday life.

There comes a point in most people’s experience with drug addiction when it is simply time to stop. That is a magical moment. When you are ready to embrace your decision to quit using drugs, come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Our staff and facilities are extraordinary. We are here for you every step of the way as you free your body, mind, and spirit from the ravages of drug addiction.