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Drug rehab centers can seem intimidating. The process of getting to recovery and then managing that recovery is scary when it is just a thought. But once you begin the process, every step will get you that much closer to your recovery goal. Living a life of suffering with drug or alcohol addiction is difficult because you no longer have control of your life. The way to get that control back is to accept treatment from an addiction recovery center. Recognizing this need is one of the most difficult steps. Any major change in life is scary, but there is no change you will ever make in your life as important as choosing recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

At Coleman Mental Health, our substance abuse treatment facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are dedicated to meeting your recovery needs. In our drug detox clinic, you will undergo supervised detox. This will allow your body to purge the harmful toxins and chemicals out of your system so you can begin your treatment with a clear mind and sober body. We choose to supervise you during this process so you are safe and comfortable. You do not have to go through this alone. We will be there every step of the way surrounding you with support and encouragement. Once this process is complete, your treatment will begin.

Our drug rehab facility prides itself on a safe and clean environment. We do not want you to focus on anything other than recovery, so we make sure you have nothing to worry about other than gaining sobriety and focusing on yourself. Also, in our addiction recovery facility, we know that you are an individual. We treat you as an individual. We want you to know that we see you as a unique person with a unique personality, story, and experiences. It is important to us that you get the best specific treatment for you to maintain your sobriety when you are ready to get back into your life. We do not want anyone to fall through the cracks during addiction recovery, and your individuality is important to us.

During your stay at our addiction treatment center, you may be one of our clients who can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This simply means that along with your diagnosis of drug or alcohol addiction, you may also have the diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health disorder. Mental disorders can consist of conditions like bipolar disorder or depression. Since both are diagnosed separately, they will need to be treated separately. Even though one diagnosis may contribute to the other, they are still different, and to ensure the best possible recovery, each will be treated as individual disorders.

Our addiction treatment facility will make sure you are surrounded with a community of people who are positive and encouraging. Once again, you will not have to go through this process alone. It is important that you are able to open up and speak about your struggles and experiences. It is also important to us that you feel safe to be honest about your experiences. Being open and honest will help with your recovery. You will rediscover yourself and your passions, your hopes, and your dreams. You will build relationships that will encourage you to keep pushing forward with your recovery. Extended support groups will give you the support to listen and learn while you also get to share. You will see that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and that you are accepted and cared about.

An addiction recovery program is not the cure for your addiction. But at Coleman Mental Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, we offer a program full of tools for you to take back into your life. You will gain that control back. You will be making the choice to stay sober. You can do this. The time of hopelessness is over, and the time of hope and happiness begins once you say yes to treatment. This is your time to focus on you. This is the best gift you could ever give yourself.